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Cementir Holding publishes first Group Sustainability Report

The Cementir Group’s first Sustainability Report follows on from the Group’s earlier Environmental Reports. The Report retains a transparent, analytical approach to the collection of data and information on the sustainability initiatives and performance of all Group companies (except Sacci SpA and Compagnie des Ciments Belges, for which only financial, staffing and asset figures have been included, as reported in the group’s 2016 consolidated financial statements).

Solid result from the Aalborg Portland Holding Group in a challenging market

Today, Aalborg Portland Holding A/S presented the consolidated financial statements for 2015 which, in spite of a net sales growth of DKK 138m to DKK 6,537m, showed a fall in earnings before tax (EBT) by DKK 98m to DKK 919m as a consequence of difficult market conditions in Turkey, the continuing economic downturn in Norway, and other factors.