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As part of the Cementir Group, the Aalborg Portland Holding Group supports the sustainability vision of the Cementir Group.


The Aalborg Portland Holding Group has a long tradition of socially and environmentally responsible behaviour in the countries in which it operates. The Group is committed to making a strong contribution to realising society’s climate goals and therefore invests significantly in continued environmental improvements. Aalborg Portland Holding’s Statutory Report on Corporate Social Responsibility, cf. Section 99(a) of the Danish Financial Statements Act, can be found in “Sustainability Report 2017” from Cementir Holding, the owner of Aalborg Portland Holding A/S. Sustainability report 2017 – Download In 2017, as in previous years, the Group’s company in Aalborg achieved a number of environmental goals through innovation and production management. By way of example, the alternative fuel consumption was further increased, underlining the Group’s environmental stance and leadership. Furthermore, cement production in Aalborg takes place in symbiosis with city and society. For example, heat from production provides district heating for 24,000 households in Aalborg. And almost 632,000 tonnes of alternative raw materials and fuels from industries and households were utilised in cement production in resource-efficient partnerships, corresponding to an increase of 20% on 2015. The Group’s cement plant in Aalborg (Aalborg Portland A/S) publishes a detailed annual environmental report. Besides setting out policies and results achieved, the report describes the company’s environmental, energy and health & safety management systems and its certifications. Environmental Report 2017 – Download